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Trina Kae is a producer and singer-songwriter from British Columbia, Canada. This multi-talented musician produces airy and dreamy indie-pop sounds, laying the ground for raw and honest lyrics about the vulnerable human experiences of love, heartbreak, and life.

As a graduate student and psychotherapist in training, Trina Kae’s lyrics are real and raw as she knows how to connect with her feelings and experiences. Messages of social justice seep into her songs, with Smash the Patriarchy looking to dispel feminist myths and act as an anthem to bring warring narratives together.

Her sounds are influenced by various artists, including Elohim, Taylor Swift, Sasha Alex Sloan, Halsey, and Lights.

Trina Kae releases her debut album, Narrative, on 20 January 2023. As she distills her heartbreak and love into vulnerable indie-acoustic pieces with layers of electronic sounds, there are times her dreamy-pop turns into a darker grungy sounds from her teenage alt-punk roots.


ARTIST: Trina Kae (she/her/hers)
Album Name: Narrative
Release Date: January 20 2022
Genre: Indie pop
Label: Independent
Producer: Trina Kae
Number of tracks: 12
Length: 42 minutes
Hometown: Okanagan, BC
Born: Metro Vancouver, BC
UPC/EAN: 198004937672
Photographer credit (album cover and press photos): Trina Kae


Q: How did you get into making music?
A: I always have been drawn to music. I started piano lessons when I was 6 or 7, and started guitar lessons somewhere around 12 years old. I dabbled in learning the alto saxophone for a couple years in middle school. In college, I’d write songs on my guitar as a study break. I’ve always wanted to learn to produce an album, so I started learning and teaching myself in 2018. I can’t explain it, music is something that I’ve always been drawn to.

Q: Who produces and mixes your music? What is the team like?
A: It’s me, myself, and I! I do it all, producing is half the fun. Composing melodies, adding dreamy reverbs…it all helps the emotion come across.

More coming soon 🙂 Have questions? Let’s chat: hello[at]trinakae[dot]com